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Some politicians in Congress are handing out special tax breaks to millionaires and corporate CEOs - and people in the District end up footing the bill. They get big bonuses, massive tax cuts, and record profits while we pay with job loss, slashed healthcare, and foreclosed homes.

It's time to stop the reverse Robin Hood on DC residents. Use the form to the right to tell us what needs to change in our DC. Are you struggling to stay in your home? Are you worried about how cuts to Medicare and Medicaid will hurt your family? Take a few minutes to share your story and make your voice heard.

We'll be holding events across the District in the coming months. If your story is picked, we'll invite you to be a special guest at one of our events and share your story.

Taking back our DC starts with everybody standing up and speaking out. Use the form to the right to make your voice heard right now.